Farm Mechanisation in the USA

Farming in the US has gone through a radical change especially in the 20th century. Mechanisation of farms has spurred the power revolution in the agricultural industry. A great combination of technology and American ingenuity, these dazzling machines are not just nifty but also represent the American dream, of growth and development. They have brought in agility and increase in efficiency of the farms. These technological advancements and scientific leaps in agricultural tools and techniques have helped American farms to reach heights of productivity with cost efficiency. The shift from hand and animal power such as the use of horses and mules to the arrival of motor power, farm implements like tractors and harvesters have changed the face of agricultural farming in the USA.

Today, Farm Mechanisation in the US is acknowledged by mechanised tractors, cultivators, harvesters and planters. Tractor powered plows, planters, cultivators and harvesters are celebrated by farmers as these have cut short the labour hours for production and cultivation reducing them by half. Changing the farmers lives forever some of the greatest farm implements are:


TRACTOR: The United States bid farewell to the horse drawn era of farming and embraced the groundbreaking tractor to increase farm productivity. With advanced technology, the tractors have covered a lot more ground from being gas powered to a vision of driverless tractors. Today the Tractors are tough, robust and a lot more dependable. Offering plenty of power, these are versatile machines capable of performing multifarious functions. With several options available from heavy duty load carriers to those for ground maintenance and livestock operations, they are the farmer’s best friends for all seasons.

harvester farm mechanisation in the usa

HARVESTER: This dextrous machine is used to harvest variety of grain crops like wheat, oats and corn. They are like tractors but dedicated to harvesting rather than cultivation or planting. With a couple of improvisations, this machine now comes with grain platforms and unloading corn crib for better productivity. Modern versions are highly efficient with cutting edge technology allowing advanced control and monitoring. They make threshing, separating as well as cleaning very cool and easy.

plows farm mechanisation in the usa

PLOWS: This farm implement is used for initial cultivation to loosen the soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting by breaking the soil and cutting a furrow. Numerous advances later, the plow has made a shift from a single plow to two or more plows fastened together, yielding more productivity for the same amount of effort. And, with the help of tractors, the pulling of the plows was made easier. Some of the major plows used in the United States are the chisel plows, breaking/bottom plows and cultivating plows.

There are a whole set of other machine and implements that are relevant to agricultural farming in the United States including rotary tillers, mowers, grading machines, tipping trailer, hay handler, grain auger, grain dryer, hay balers and many more that have changed the whole game when it comes to farming.

Machines can do a lot of the things that humans can only dream of and this move towards mechanisation, especially in agriculture, is built to last. Therefore it’s great to understand the good that is coming out of it. Some of the advantages that it has brought with it is:

  1. Increase in production: It’s no secret that use of farm implements would be directly proportional to the increase in productivity, output and speed of the work. Increased farm productivity leads to increased margins. Substituting manual labour and animal power has considerably reduced the efforts of the farmers whereby the machine is now doing everything all day without any rest.
  2. Lower cost of work: Mechanisation has increased the yield of land per unit of area, but at what cost? Initial cost of the machine plus the cost of a tank of the fuel, with minimum utilisation of human labour. What’s even better is when the farmers make the choice to buy these implements on rent, this even further reduces the cost of production.
  3. Reduction in the production time: When the machines do all the work and reduce human labour, it saves plenty of time. Machines do a great job on the field giving results quickly and rapidly. A lot of work is done with less manual labour, saving costs and allowing the workers to be employed somewhere else.
  4. Better Farm Management: Time saved in production gives the farmer ample time to better manage the farms. With mechanisation farmers can not only manage their farms better but they can also tend to larger area of farm land. This has led to higher efficiency and production capacity.
  5. Increase in the status of the farmers: Farmers are able to produce more; therefore they’re able to profit more. They are not just able to increase their farm income, they are now able to enjoy a better lifestyle and avoid the tedious, dreary and dangerous work that is a result of working with knives, pests and diggers.

Trends in agricultural technology are rapidly advancing agricultural industry which is emancipating and helping the agricultural farmers in innumerable ways. In order to enhance the positive repercussions of mechanisation, farmers have now started to hire these machines on rent. Farm equipment rental in USA is nothing new but it’s still extremely relevant because of the benefits that reap out of it. Farm equipment rental apps like FarmEase have made the process easier for farmers by helping them connect to the renters offering agricultural machinery at extremely favourable prices for as long as one needs. Renting farm machinery is a very affordable and practical option. It gives the farmers access to a large inventory of farm equipment and they can rent whenever whatever is needed. Giving farmers a leading edge in terms of technology and cost efficiency, Farmease is the way for the future optimizing productivity and profitability. We at FarmEase serve you with nothing but the best.

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