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Gazing at his farm field, Jeff Shepherd, a Dalhart Texas farmer looks anxious. His concern comes as a surprise considering the good crop that stands tall in his farm. The problem is not the crop itself but the harvesting process and the preparation for the next round of sowing that has to be done afterwards. It is a laborious task to do without proper farm equipment that he cannot afford. A John Deere S680 model could have made his work easier and wrapped up by the weekend. It would have taken only 40 hours to finish. However, the costs are a bomb. Shelling out $284900, for a used one also seems a load. What should he do??

And Jeff is not the only one. Robert in California wants to upgrade his farm machinery but, only if he could sell his old tillage equipment. He is looking for buyers. Just like Jeff and Robert, there are several farmers across America looking for affordable farm equipment or having spare equipment lying idle.

High costs – Blocking the growth of the Farm and the Farmer

Many farmers across the US experience difficult scenarios when it comes to farm equipment year after year. The economic liability of buying farm machinery is far too much due to the steep prices and seasonal utility. As a result, the exorbitant machinery costs sway many potential farmers away from the business altogether while for others it is difficult to analyze where to use their capital effectively for their growth. For several farmers who invest in the big budget machinery, it becomes a burden and blockage for growth due to its inefficiency resulting from its periodic limited use.

Farmease – Virtual Market Place for Farm Equipment Rental

To help farmers deal with the issue of expensive farm machinery as well as utilize their existing assets for extra revenue, here comes Farmease, a unique marketplace where farmers can rent equipment they need saving money or rent out their idle machinery during off-season and earn a few extra bucks. Available also on your mobile, Farmease offers a dynamic platform to access and rent farm machinery or optimize the use of a huge stock of previously dormant farm equipment.

Bridging the accessibility to Farm Equipment Gap

According to the FCA Economic Report, Office of Regulatory Policy, Agricultural and Economic Policy Team 2016, Farm equipment is the second largest asset for a farmer after farm real estate. Considering the structure of US Agriculture, the maximum inventory of total farm equipment resides in the large farms with large volume of production. As per the 2012 Ag census of the US farms, the large farms numbering nearly 110,000 form just 5% of the total 2.1 million farms in the US. However, the average equipment inventory per farm for these large farms is a whopping $1.1 million in contrast to the mere $63,000 for the other 2 million US farms. Among them are many farmers who own machinery but at the same time suffer from low margins and seasonal cash flow. The data is clearly indicative of the huge gap between farmers in the US who have access to the necessary farm equipment and those who do not.  Read about Farm Mechanisation in the USA

Farmease comes as a solution to bridge the space between these two categories of farmers.

“Our goal is to help farmers speed up cultivation with access to modernistic farm implements without pinching their pockets.”

Owners Paradise for Farm Equipment

Offering a simple and easy to use platform, equipment owners can put out their farm implements for rent. Any farm equipment sitting idle in your backyard can become an earning member by few clicks. All you have to do is put it on Farmease and instead of your farm equipment becoming obsolete with time, you can squeeze out some dollars from it without any hassles and take out your maintenance costs or more easily!!

Rental Hub for Farm Machinery

For farmers who cannot access high priced farm machinery, Farmease brings an easy solution to simply rent such equipment, at the time of need and save loads of money. It gives you the advantage of renting the latest equipment at a reasonable price without calling for huge investments.

Holding your back with Smart Tech

A blend of Smart Technology with ease and comfort, Farmease is a user friendly app, must for all farm owners. Supported by a highly professional team of tech birdies with the heart of a farmer, they are well versed with the needs of the agriculture industry. Offering all kinds of equipment options from harvestertractortillagelandscapingseedingcrop protection and post-harvest equipment, Farmease has your back at all times. Get the best deals with 100% guarantee of quality and working condition. Find what you need at your nearest location at the most reasonable price. Renting farm equipment could have never been easier.

So, wondering how did Farmease help Jeff and Robert. Well, logging on to Farmease App, Jeff got connected with Jim at Spearman, who had the John Deree model Jeff wanted, and was paying 1% annual interest and not using the machine for nearly two months a year. Jeff got his job done at a reasonable price. Robert on the other hand made a neat $23,000 on his John Deree 980, 12.5m cultivator by selling it to Dave. All of them got a great deal with the convenient and simple Farmease App.

Farmease for Farming Equipment, nothing could be easier!! Download the App now.

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