Accessing Farm Equipment made easy with Farmease

Gazing at his farm field, Jeff Shepherd, a Dalhart Texas farmer looks anxious. His concern comes as a surprise considering the good crop that stands tall in his farm. The problem is not the crop itself but the harvesting process and the preparation for the next round of sowing that has to be done afterwards. … Continue reading “Accessing Farm Equipment made easy with Farmease”

Advantages of Renting Farm Equipment

In the age of globalization and manufacturing industries, one would easily be made to believe that farming and agriculture belongs to the past or something that is only relevant in the outskirts of metropolitan cities. However, agriculture is a major industry in the United States. It may come as a surprise, but many people engage … Continue reading “Advantages of Renting Farm Equipment”

Farm Mechanisation in the USA

Farming in the US has gone through a radical change especially in the 20th century. Mechanisation of farms has spurred the power revolution in the agricultural industry. A great combination of technology and American ingenuity, these dazzling machines are not just nifty but also represent the American dream, of growth and development. They have brought in … Continue reading “Farm Mechanisation in the USA”